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Our current contact details are as follows:

High Beam - Passionate About Performance
Unit 3, 81 Clarence Street, Tower Junction, Addington, Christchurch, New Zealand, 8011.
+64 3 2818793
Unfortunately, this is a warehouse address only.  

A passion for playing in the great outdoors.

The team at High Beam love to play in the great outdoors. Evenings and weekends, you'll find us somewhere running, cycling, kayaking, swimming, trail racing, skiing or maybe mountain biking. Changes to technology and science mean that the gear we use now is totally different, and much better, to what we were using 20 years ago. Through trial and error, we have learned that less is often better, and the most basic gear, if the best and most appropriate for the activity, can make it more fun.

We're excited by these changes and innovations, and our overseas trips have always included checking out the retail scene for new products to try out. Now, we're bringing some of those products we've found to New Zealand.

High Beam is dedicated to bringing great brands (and that means great quality) of outdoor gear, to those New Zealanders who love to work hard, and then play hard.


Doing our bit for the environment.

We want to keep the environment enjoyable for everyone in New Zealand and this means we recycle as much packaging that comes through our warehouse as we can including our boxes, courier bags and materials from our suppliers too.  Every box for every pair of shoes is made from recycled material and we do our bit by sending the parcel by the most economical method direct to your door.  We also support local events where possible and have helped the trail running community across NZ over the past few years and will do for years to come.