Lorpen Mens Compression Calf Sleeve


Take advantage of Lorpen's Anatomically Balanced Compression technology and improve your performance. These Calf Sleeves will reduce calf muscle vibration allowing improved oxygen saturation to your blood that delays muscle fatigue and, when worn after exercise, improves your recovery rates. With a graduated compression (higher in the ankle than in the calf) you get perfect adaptability and compression while on your chosen adventure. Not recommended for medical use or as a medical alternative - not medically certified.
  • Improves your athletic performance by reducing the calf muscle vibrations during exercise
  • Increases blood flow and oxygenation to your muscles
  • Can prevent swelling and reduce recovery time during events
  • Can be used together with a Lorpen T3 (Tri-layer) trail running, multisport, hiking or winter sport sock that provides optimum moisture management, for a dryer and cooler foot environment
  • Requires less washing than the traditional compression sock

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